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Best Sellers

Scale X Pro

Smart Scale

$139.3 $199

Pressure 7 Pro

Blood Pressure Monitor

$69.30 $99

Tens 7 Pro

Tens Unit

$79 $129

Therma 9 Pro

Infrared Thermometer

$19 $39

Pulse 9 Pro

Pulse Oximeter

$62.30 $89

Pressure 7 Pro

Blood Pressure Monitor

$69.30 $119

Tens 7 Pro

Tens Unit

$79 $149

Therma 9 Pro

Infrared Thermometer

$19 $39


“The Oxiline 9 Pro Fingertip Pulse Oximeter, is the best oximeter around, and accurate! My wife and I count on it, to make sure, in these difficult times, that our oxygen levels are within normal range!”
Alex / Customer

“I purchased this just in case a member of my family falls ill this year. Upon receiving it I took it to my sister-in-law, she’s a doctor to make certain that this unit would be accurate in case I need to use it.”

Marianna / Customer

“This is accurate and really easy to use. Just like the ones that they use at the Doctors Office. It gives a quick response and relieves your worries in an instant. It’s also FDA approved”

Steve / Customer

“Easy and quick to use with large clear display. Plan to use the Oxiline Oximeter to monitor Oxygen saturation in family members that may become sick in the future.”

David / Customer

“I purchased a Oxiline 9 Pro Oximeter to monitor my blood oxygen level after having pneumonia. I am also using a portable oxygen concentrator. I compared it to one my doctor uses an the readings were identical.”

Debbie / Customer

“I am not a medical professional but a home nurse told me I can trust Oxiline. Upon some research I found that Oxiline brand is one of the best on the market and yet very affordable.”

Jadranka / Customer

“Works great. I saw one at a local pharmacy for a much higher price and didn’t look as good as the Oxiline finger tip pulse meter. It’s also one of the few oximeters that is FDA approved”

Kristy / Customer

“I have allergies and sometimes my breathing and heart rate goes really high. By using this product I can track those events and share to my doctor. Very easy to use. Comes with batteries and tag so that you don’t loose.”

Antonio / Customer

“This product I needed to keep an eye on my oxygen level for my doctor. It is very simple to use and easy to read. I highly recommend this item to everyone that monitors their health on a regular basis.”

Will / Customer